The Benefits of Participating in a Golf Tournament

For public pension fund trustees, administrators and investment firm managers, business success relies heavily on networking and connecting with the right people. Participating in a golf tournament is an ideal way to achieve both goals while having fun.

TEXPERS Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on the first day of our 2023 Annual Conference, Sunday, April 2, at Grey Rock Golf Club, located at 7401 Texas Highway 45 in Austin. The conference takes place April 2-5, 2023, at the Austin Marriott Downtown, located approximately 14 miles from the golf course.

When registering for the conference, you can choose to add the tournament. This comes with a separate fee. To register for the conference, visit our event page.

Check-in is at 7 a.m. A shotgun start is at 8 a.m.

Building Relationships

Golf provides a great atmosphere to build relationships, make new contacts and increase your network – all while playing one of America's most beloved sports. From improving your golf game to connecting with influential people, here are the many benefits of participating in a golf tournament.

# The Benefits of Networking at Golf Tournaments

Networking is essential for building professional relationships, and a golf tournament is an ideal opportunity. In addition to connecting with other players on the course, keynote speakers, sponsors and event organizers are often in attendance, which can be valuable contacts in your network. Plus, golf is a social activity – you'll likely find yourself conversing about business topics with the people around you. It's easy to make genuine connections when everyone is relaxed and having fun on the course.

# Tips for Making Connections

When it comes to making meaningful connections during a golf tournament, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First, give compliments when someone plays well and treat others how you want to be treated. Second, offer assistance where needed – such as giving advice on how to better their game or helping someone who's struggling with their clubs – this will show your kindness even before they know your name. Finally, start conversations with other players by asking questions specific to their profession or interests outside of golf; this will help create more personal discussions and establish authentic relationships.

# The Social Aspect of Golfing

Golf tournaments provide an excellent way for public pension fund trustees, administrators and investment firm managers to take time away from work or virtual meetings for some much-needed social interaction. There's nothing like getting out on the course and playing a round of golf with friends or colleagues – it can be both challenging and rewarding!

From learning about new trends in investment management and hearing stories from industry veterans, participating in a golf tournament offers numerous opportunities for engaging in conversation that can lead to better pension management.

# Conclusion

Participating in a golf tournament has many benefits beyond just improving your skills on the course. It can provide unique opportunities for networking and connecting with influential people while also allowing those involved to share stories, build relationships and have fun socially.

Memorial Fund

This is the first year the TEXPERS is renaming its Annual Conference Networking Golf Tournament as its TEXPERS Memorial Golf Tournament.

Donations are being collected to pay the expenses of a system member to attend a future conference. The fund will cover a selected individual's registration, travel, and hotel costs.

The fund was created in memory of board members that have recently died. Although TEXPERS is beginning to build the memorial fund this year, the first award will likely be for TEXPERS' 2024 Annual Conference. The application process will begin this summer. The TEXPERS Board will select an applicant yearly as the memorial fund grows.

The bulk of funds raised from sponsorships go to pay for the tournament expenses; however, any remaining money will go toward the memorial fund. TEXPERS is also accepting donations. For additional information on sponsoring the tournament or donating to the fund, email [email protected]. 


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