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See the 24 Organizations That Recently Joined Your Association

TEXPERS members are trustees, administrators, professional service providers, employee groups, and associations engaged or interested in managing public employee retirement systems.

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Middle-market Stocks Can Help Portfolios Cope With Volatility

Equity markets were jolted in January amid growing concerns about macroeconomic threats. For investors seeking more stable equity allocations, stocks “in the middle,” with high-quality features and reasonable valuations, can help portfolios cope with volatility.

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What is Energy?

What comes to mind when you hear someone mention energy investments? Most likely and especially in this state, thoughts turn to oil and gas. Investments might include stock in companies like ExxonMobil or Valero, maybe an allocation to an MLP strategy, or even a private equity investment in oil production from Texas’ Permian basin. No matter the flavor, most people think oil when they think of energy, and rightfully so as oil and natural gas make up almost 70% of U.S. energy supply.  

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