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Why the Heck Do We Own Bonds?

When advising our sons and daughters on how to invest for their retirement in roughly 60 years, we point them to stocks and the budding venture capital ideas of their classmates. The same advice might also hold true for perpetual institutions with a nearly infinite time horizon, no annual cash-flow requirements, and a passing interest in market volatility.

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How Rising Interest Rates and Stock Valuations Are Linked

Interest rates in the US have recently begun to move higher after having collapsed last year following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are numerous contributors to the move higher in interest rates, the primary catalysts are the expected increase in US Treasury issuance in order to fund the stimulus and the slow reopening of the US economy which may lead to increased economic growth. Given this backdrop, we look to explore the potential ramifications of higher US interest rates on equity prices and the resulting implications for client portfolios.

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