Convertible Investment Study

Convertibles securities' hybrid structure has historically made for a compelling asset class in virtually any market environment. An outright allocation to convertible securities has the potential to provide investors with the best of all worlds – favorable asymmetry of returns through participation in upside momentum along with an important measure of downside protection.

We reviewed the average price of the ICE BofA U.S. Convertible Index ("VXA0") at every month-end since September 30, 2000, and the corresponding 1-year return performance following each period. The lower range of the VXA0's average price during the period historically offered significant positive forward one-year returns with double-digit returns on average. These lower price ranges indicated potentially strong entry points to invest in the convertibles market.

We believe the benefits offered by convertibles can be used in a variety of ways to diversify a portfolio and add value as a specific component of a strategic asset allocation. As a result, we generally recommend that a new allocation to convertible securities come from the high-yield or equity portion of an existing portfolio. There is also an added benefit of dampened volatility to the overall portfolio since convertibles typically do not move in perfect unison with stocks and bonds. Investors may also consider adding convertibles as part of their Alternative allocation given convertibles tend to be more highly correlated with equities and high-yield bonds, while offering low correlations to investment grade bonds.

About the Author
William W. Lee is managing director, senior portfolio manager of convertible securities at Palisade Capital Management. 
Allison J. Chase, CIPM, Vice President, Institutional Client Service & Marketing Analytics, at Palisade Capital Management, contributed to this article.
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