Pension Fund Leaders Have Opportunity to Engage With U.S. Census Bureau

Pension administrators and trustees having the ability to access and engage with the government and its data is a necessity. The U.S. Census Bureau is allowing you to do just that. 

For the first time, the Census Bureau is seeking the public's ideas for the planning and design of the decennial census. Its Aug. 17, 2022, Federal Register Notice asks for public input on its preliminary research, specifically regarding the planning and design of the 2030 Census. 

The Census Bureau has already received more than 1,500 ideas from the general public on ways to enhance and improve the 2030 Census. Still, it's not too late to participate, says Robert L. Santos, Director of the Census Bureau. Wouldn't it be nice to have feedback from the public pension industry?

The 2030 Census program began planning in 2019. It moved into the design selection phase in 2021, which is to conduct the research, testing, and operational planning and design work to inform the selection of the 2030 Census functional design. 

Comments are to be received by Nov. 15, 2022. Email comments to [email protected]. Or submit comments, identified by Docket Number USBC-2022-0004, to the Federale-Rulemaking Portal:

A key goal of the census design is to address the growing diversity of the population. According to a project notice, the demographic and cultural makeup of the U.S. is increasing in complexity, requiring tailored outreach efforts to encourage response. 

Other factors to be addressed include the informal, complex living arrangements of households and the mobility of the population, among others.

The Census Bureau plans to build on the experiences of the 2020 Census and identify further potential operational updates on developing the 2030 Census. The Census Bureau is seeking input from the public that could help mitigate the challenges and encourage people to respond to the census.

About the Author: Allen Jones is director of communications and events marketing at TEXPERS. He joined the Association in January 2017.  


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